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Digitex is an innovative Award Winning Design and Print company in Wellington New Zealand. With over 25 years industry experience we can offer a diverse range of products and services


This company was started as a Screen-printing company nearly 25 years ago. Over the years it has grown with technology. We have had various names, We started as Self Adhesive Marketing screen printing labels, then abbreviated and changed to S.A.M Screenprint as the screen printing side developed to include textiles.


In 2001 we changed to SAM Design & Print to reflect our move away from purely Screen-printing to design services and also a mixture of Screen-printing and digital. we have always been an innovative company and leader in the field but the latest in a line of name changes has led to the formation of DIGITEX on 2006.


“The decision to change our name was a difficult one, SAM had a fantastic reputation but we were still perceived as a Screen-printing company. With the purchase of new digital printing equipment and the expansion of our digital printing services we felt it was time to change our name to DIGITEX to better reflect the change in the direction of the company."


More than 80% of the company’s output is digitally printed, and this is expected to grow. “Our aim is to be become 100% digital as we know this is where the future is.”


We have been leading the way in digital printing for five years. “We were the first printer in New Zealand to digitally print to polyester and we are the first printer in New Zealand to digitally print to cottons and silks,”


Wilton says the one key ingredient at DIGITEX is expertise. “It’s the skills and the knowledge of the people controlling the printing process that determines the quality of the print. There are a huge number of steps to master in the printing to textiles; each one must be mastered as we found out the hard way over the years.”


A testament to DIGITEX's quality is the work being currently carried out for an internationally recognised New Zealand-based company. “They had previously had work printed in France and Italy, but have chosen to work with us because of the quality of our printing is as good if not better than anything else in the world.”


Most gratifying however is being a part of the “wow” factor. “Having clients look over digital textile printing for the first time, usually the first words they utter is ‘wow”’ We even used to joke with our customers: ‘Before I show you this, promise me you wont say wow‘… they always break their promise in the first two seconds.”

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Our Awards
Digitex has won 16 Gold Medals
in the prestigious New Zealand Pride in Print Awards

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