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At Digitex we offer you several different printing options for fabric to suit your requirements and budgets.


Printing Types



What is a Mirror Print?

Traditionally with flags and fabric printing the image on the back of the print is a mirror image of the front. This is because fabrics by their nature are transparent. We do offer special blockout fabrics which do not let the light through and allows of different images on either side of the fabric. Double sided fabrics are heavier and not suitable for all applications.


Polylight Print

  • 90% colour through on an ultra thin fabric with good colour penetration on the reverse.
  • A special light weight polyester fabric designed for maximum show through of colour
  • Economical print process Ideal for teardrops and interior banners where the fabric is not moving.
  • Dye penetrates into the fabric so that 90% of the colour strikes through to the opposite side of the fabric.
  • Mirror image on the reverse.


Colour-through Print

  • Economical direct print to our standard Polyknit flag fabric with up to 90% colour showing on the reverse.
  • Printed directly to one side of the fabric for minimum waste. Dye penetrates into the fabric so that 90% of the colour strikes through to the opposite side of the fabric
  • Best results when viewed outside to bring out the colour.
  • Mirror image on the reverse.


Single Sided Print

  • A vibrant single sided print where the back of the fabric is mostly white
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics.
  • Great looking colour as the dyes are on the surface.
  • Un-printed on the reverse.


Premium Twin print

  • Our premium award winning print process for the best colour reproduction!
  • Premium print process for the most vibrant Mirror prints possible.
  • The fabric is printed on BOTH sides for a full colour vibrant mirrored print on the reverse.
  • Suitable for most fabric types.
  • Mirror image on the reverse.


Double Sided Print

  • Print different designs to either side of a blockout fabric.
  • Show different prints on each side of the fabric with no mirroring!
  • Printed to blockout fabric perfect for interior signage.
  • Right reading image on the reverse
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