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Durapole Swing Rectangle Flags

Durapole Swing Rectangle printed banners are the perfect solution for business looking to draw in more customers, promote an event or as a general promotional and branding tool.

Durapole Swing banners are give you the maximum print area to display your message. A top horizontal bar hold the fabric up so your message is always easy to read and allows the lower half to move in the wind to attract attention!

With award winning full colour printing these vibrant banners flap in the wind to grab the viewers attention. Rectangle banners are extremely versatile, waterproof, durable and easy to transport and can be used outdoors or indoors.



Promote your brand and attract new clients.
Cost effective and with easy to update prints.
Easy to transport and assemble.
Full colour award winning dye sublimation printers.
Ultra strong light weight composite-fibre poles.
FREE Deluxe carry bag included.
FREE initial sample printed on the actual fabric prior to production if required.




Two sizes 2.1m or 3.0m tall
6 printing processes to suit you needs
Selection of bases and mounting options
Custom shapes made to order.

Designed for New Zealand Conditions

Our banners are designed to handle New Zealand's windy conditions up to 50kph. d-flex poles are made from ultra-strong light weight composite fibre sections, They are virtually indestructible and will not collapse.


Proven Fabrics

We use quality fabrics proven to last outdoors. Our standard fabric is a New Zealand made polyknit fabric which is strong and durable. We also use a premium heavy polybunting for a high class print and a smooth blockout fabric for double sided printing


Quick and Easy to Assemble

Classic printed rectangle banners are light-weight and can be assembled in seconds with a range of mounting options.


Gold Award Winning Printing

Digitex is the leader in Full Colour Digital Fabric Printing. We have won 15 Gold awards in the New Zealand pride-in-print awards including four in 2009. We are the only printers in New Zealand to have won gold awards for DIGITAL FLAG PRINTING using our twin print process! Talk to us about Pantone colour matching.


Stunning Prints

At Digitex we only use the best inks, Our sublimation ink is manufactured by the worlds leading ink manufacturer in Italy, to give you a vibrant durable lasting print. We also offer 6 different types of print processes to suit your needs.


Portable and Easy to Transport

Printed Fabric Banners are surprisingly light weight and easily pack down into a convenient carry bag for easy transportation. Perfect for trade shows, field days, sporting events, corporate events.



Classic printed rectangle banners are come in two standard sizes

  • 2.1 meters tall with 3 section pole (Print size 720mm x 1600mm)
  • 3.0 meters tall with 2 section pole (Print size 720mm x 2500mm)


Single Sided DIRECT Print with Chroma+ for Enhanced Colour

Economical direct print to our standard Polyknit flag fabric with up to 90% colour showing on the reverse.

  • Printed directly to one side of the fabric for minimum waste. Dye penetrates into the fabric so that 90% of the colour strikes through to the opposite side of the fabric
  • Chroma+ Enhanced Colour Technology for deep rich spot colours, such as NZ Flag Blue and Red.
  • Best results when viewed outside to bring out the colour.
  • Mirror image on the reverse.


Premium Single Sided Print - The BEST flag print in Australasia

Our premium award winning print process for the best colour reproduction!

  • Premium print process for the most vibrant Mirror prints possible.
  • The fabric is printed on BOTH sides for a full colour vibrant mirrored print on the reverse.
  • Suitable for most fabric types.
  • Mirror image on the reverse.


Double Sided Satin Print

Print different designs to either side of a blockout fabric.

  • Printed to Supreme-Satin Double Sided Fabric for rich prints
  • Show different prints on each side of the fabric with no mirroring!
  • Printed to blockout fabric perfect for interior signage.
  • Right reading image on the reverse


Eco Friendly Natural Fabrics

Prints on to natural fabrics including cottons and silks and linen

  • Printed to natural fabrics which are a renewable resource.
  • Range of Cottons and Silk Fabrics

Base options and accessories


Ground spike

Outdoor ground spike with rotating spindle. Suitable for most ground conditions. Hammer not included.

Heavy Metal base

A heavy metal base designed for extra stability. Designed with a hole in each corner allowing you to secure it to the ground.

Deluxe Carry Bag

A carry bag for storing the poles, printed banner. Includes a padded exterior pocket for a ground spike.


A portable base designed to go under car tyres.

Wall Mounts

Permanent banner pole mount which is securely attached to a vertical surface. Option of 90 degree or 60 degree mount,

Vertical Mount

Permanent vertical mount that can be bolted or screwed down to a hard surface. Can also be used to make your own weighted base.

Dome Base

A great looking stable base for large flags outdoors. Can be filled with water or sand.

Dome Base Portable

A great looking stable base for large flags outdoors, includes wheels and a handle for ease of portability. Can be filled with water or sand.


Superior pole construction


Rotating spigot mount

Double Ball bearing races allow the flag to turn with the wind increasing its life, with optional dual rubberised
o-rings to prevents the pole lifting off the spindle.

Stainless Ferrules

Stainless steel ferrules and sleeves protect the pole ends and allows the poles to easily fit together. Eliminating wear and preventing cracking caused by fatigue.

Durable poles

Made from carbon-fibre composite which is flexible, has no ‘memory’ and is superior to aluminium poles. The tip also includes a large round protector to prevent perforation of the sleeve.

Easy to assemble

Simply slide the flag onto the pole and hook it on to the base hooks to hold the flag to the flag pole. The base then easily slides onto a rotating spigot mount.

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Our Awards
Digitex has won 16 Gold Medals
in the prestigious New Zealand Pride in Print Awards

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